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Hi my name is Jimberly and Im 18 I just moved here in U.S last year so I dont have a lits of friends but ever since I become a kpop fan I make friends online and they are really awesome people and Im hoping to make another one so if you want to lets be friends Inbox me!! ;)
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@jimberlykemp Hi! Glad to make a new friend. Where do you live in U.S? I live in New York, if you come to NY hopefully we will meet one day :)
@riva Hi!! I live in Wisconsin same here so happy to make new friends :) yes I will definitely love that hope to meet you someday! :))
Hello! Always could add another friend. I'm in CT, would be awesome if we could meet someday
@MooshieBay awww where are you from? yeah. we should met someday 馃槃
@jimberlykemp would be awesome! I live in Connecticut. Near the casinos