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@mikerosa92 May you do something about this?
True @DanielSpazJames but it's pretty inappropriate and I'm sure the moderators would wanna keep this community a bit more appropriate for all ages.... Don't really wanna take sides but I'm just saying it's not the best kind of stuff to post on this kids card.
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If you have a problem with someone you should either personal message them about it or the moderator but not make a post about it. And yeah people should really watch what they say.
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Theres plenty more crap hes said. Way to inappropriate to repeat, but ive already sent a message to mike with the screenshots
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If I actually acted mature I wouldn't skate. They're just words I wouldn't and dont give a single shit myself. An hell kids are gonna learn the world one day anyways.
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I do agree that he needs to censor himself just its not necessary to make a post about it. There is direct messages and the option to report comments and cards for a reason.
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