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what do truck with degrees do? ive seen like 44 50 degrees and i don't know what its for
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50° is better for sliding and 44° is better downhill:P
The lower the degree, the less turny and more stable the truck will be. The degree of the truck in the angle from the baseplate to the hanger. You'll see a lot of pro racers with trucks set up 23 degrees or some really low number in the back, and a higher degree in the front. this allows them to turn, but be extremely stable. A higher degree truck, like a 50, is technically better for sliding, I feel more confident on a 44 degree truck while doing faster slides though
50 = more turn for your lean 45 = more lean for your turn
in a nutshell all above is correct
44° is the best degree of caliber if anyone says otherwise they are wrong