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Hey guys!
So as you know Nickelodeon has decided that they want to premiere a kpop inspired show in a few weeks called "Make It Pop". In this video I will be watching the newly released song/MV for the song "Party Tonight". I will also discuss in this video what i feel about this whole situation including other topics that relate highly to this matter. Please feel free to comment below in the comment section how you feel about this show and any other things that I have talked about in this video. Lets have a discussion.
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Well, I personally think that Iggy's story us different than CLs because the thing that made everyone turn on her was that she was very problematic and said some pretty racist stuff. I don't think that would be the case for CL but I am worried since she will probably be getting some hateful and racist/sexist comments trying to break through Americas music industry. I wish her well.
Hmmmmmmmmm this was certainly interesting... Firstly I'd like to say very well said @KpopJunkiesTV people do need to realise that this is not a Kpop show, but rather a Kpop inspired show. My problem with this is that if people think that this is a Kpop show and then the show turns out to be terrible, that isn't going to reflect well on Kpop in general. And finally nothing about this song or MV seemed inspired by Kpop to me, or at least I didn't see it, it just sounded like a normal American pop song... Anyway great video I am also going to give the show a chance, mainly because Megan Lee is a part of it, wether it is any good or not we shall see XD
Well I think what they mean by inspired is the style of music. I doubt there will be a lot of korean in the songs I just think the (all the music technical speak inserted here) will be similar because they used kpop as their inspiration. .. it's like if I like the way an apple looks and then I design a red skirt it's not the same thing, but the apple was my inspiration. I also agree that I am worried that if the show sucks people will think negatively about kpop. and I'm sure people said the same things about the "white girl from Australia " when iggy came out, so if CL holds her own, in time I hope people will accept her.
@KpopJunkiesTV hahaha yeah I would have probably enjoyed it more if they had like a small Korean phrase in the song, just like Kpop does with English. Still I'm not going to judge this by what I've seen I'll wait until the show comes out :)
@MattK95 I mean if they would have thrown some korean in there then maybe lol but yes it did seem like just a regular pop song. But we will have to wait and see how this all plays out next month
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