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"Since they pioneered global banking, at the end of the 18th century, this family has always made sure not to drug itself into financial and other scandals, and besides for the well known antisemitic and obviously false conspiracy theories, was very successful in doing so. I am here to make sure this case will be no exception." "So this is how the Barron sees his sister's great contributions to the development of artistic dancing? as a threat to the family's reputation?' "Miss Ordman, I am here to make you a very generous offer. I think it is appropriate that you will let me finish." "Very well. Let it just be noted, that you are making this offer to Bat Dor. I, personally, will not take a cent of this money to myself." "Let me make it clear then. The Barron is very proud of his sister and her achievements, and of the brave and noble choices that she made in her life. Moreover, he asked me to make very clear that he would not concern himself with any gossip about the nature of the personal relations between you and the late Bethsabee. But you went to trail, on a very certain basis that make this gossip impossible to ignore." "I only did it because you left me no other choice!" "Well miss Ordman, we give you another option now. We are willing to give you a certain, quite large, amount of money to settle this issue once and for all, but in one condition - That you will agree to turn Bat Dor into a public, government funded organization. Like the Israeli philharmonic, or the " Ha'bima" theater. You see, you are the one who gave us no other choice but to distance ourselves from Bat Dor. She took the money, but her heart died that evening. What does it mean that it should end like that? What does it say about the bliss that she and Bat Sheva shared. Was it all just an illusion? Being respectful to her words as always, she did not take any of the money to herself. It was used to operate Bat Dor, while the attempt to save her life's project with public money was made.
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A big, kind of sad change for the company. Sad? Sort of. I'm not sure.