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1. Mama Beat- LC9
I think everything by this group is so underrated. They are all so talented!! I hope to hear more from them in the future.
2. A.cian- Ouch
I saw them on Pops in Seoul. I like this song! I heard they came out a while ago but had a member change and had to have a comeback. Not to mention they are all super cute ^.^
3. JJCC- Bing Bing Bing
I really like this song and the video. So far i like everything I've heard from them
4. Shiki no Uta- Minmi
I love this song. Its so old school and relaxing, and her voice is so soulful. Not to mention I love Samurai Champloo (hate how short the anime was)
5. C-Clown- Solo
I really like their song Let's Love, but I like this video a lot more... and um Rome?... excuse me while I melt... I feel like there is never enough of him in any of their songs lol
6. Brown Eyed Girls- Love is
This song is so underrated it's even hard to search. I love love love this song! I'm kind of addicted. The way their voices mesh with the rapping and vocals (they are so good at that)!
7. Spica- Painkiller
Dont even get me started on how much I love this song! And BoA's voice??? O.M.G. I just love how raspy and powerful it is. I get chills when i listen to this song lol. Its nice when you can listen to a song for a long time and still love it and receive the feels it gives you lol.
8. Miss A- Lips
This is one of the first Miss A songs I heard. I would listen to it on the way to party and things like that. I love the music and it makes you want to dance. I wish it had a MV
9. After School- Because of You
I really like this song,an d you guys already know how obsessed with their song In the Night Sky I am. This song is pretty awesome too and I hope they keep making good music like this.
10. GaIn- Fxxk U
I think that pretty much every Gain song is underrated. I love how unafraid she is. She owns her sexy and isn't afraid to say F.U to anyone who has something negative to say about her. Have you seen the MV for her song Truth or Dare? very bold! I feel like there is so much criticism in Kpop and I love the fact that she made a song calling those people out.
Mama Beat is SUCH a jam!
Right @honeysoo ! and I Love the video gaha