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One, two One, two As i count the days that go by, I look back at the memories we had. The one that stands out the most is, potato. It reiterates throughout my head and I can't help but to feel plagued. I see it everyday, I love you, I love yo-tato, I l-otato, potato. What a great memory that is, it brings tears to my eyes just saying it. Over, and over. The thought of you, the thought of you. Why? Why have i been cursed, the feelings, the feelings i have for you are all too much for me to move past the love i've for you. The pain, is too much to take on for someone who is close to giving up. Things have never been better. i say to myself with pride, i say to myself that i will be fine, i say to myself that you will always be mine. It just isn't as much true as i think it to be, i fake a smile, i fake a laugh. All for the sake you have the happiness to laugh, to smile. I do it all for you. Potato, is the only thing i have to hold onto, that will always remind me of you. Because, Potato. So, before my breakup, me and this girl, would always have these reoccurrences of the object/word potato, it became a thing and we would always run into that word. So we had decided that's what connected us, which was funny, because it felt like potato actually had some sort of mental property. So we had decided that when we wanted to say i love you to each other, we would say potato. code word. It never felt right though, she wanted to keep our relationship under the table. Wanted no one to know about us, which still hurts to this day. Though i do not, show how much pain i am in, i will always be in pain. Because i love her... It really sucks. but i'm happy. hahah...
"Because, potato." No line has ever resonated with me more.
Oh, how the feelings of love can sometimes feel like a curse! Without feeling those,though, would it have ever existed?
Wow. It's interesting how even though that word was something secret that should have connected you, it also was something that was hurting you all along....I have faith that you won't hurt forever!!! Love is hard, you know?