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When Heroes of Cosplay hit TLC, I was supremely disappointed. Was that really the cosplay world? Absolutely not. TLC, as always, makes things way more ridiculous, and much less real, than they actually are. So much for the reality in television.
Cosplay Boom is attempting to give cosplay (and nerd culture) the documentary series it deserves. And this is just one of their amazing videos. We can see why people cosplay, and while they can be weird, it's so real and accurate to what cosplay and nerd culture in regards to cosplay is that we can appreciate it. Unlike how we could not appreciate Heroes of Cosplay.
Find out more about Cosplay Boom here; they're doing really great things.
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@amog32 Oh, really? It's on their site? I'll check it out. Thanks.
@vulpix @somnia I know they're trying to raise money to continue this series well and on a bigger scale, so if you can, contribute!
I power watched a punch of their videos yesterday; man I wish i had the funds to donate to them! Their videos are great! A touch of the weirdness we expect, but so truthful
Now THIS is the kind of anime/cosplay documentary we need! Can't wait to see what else comes of this project.