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Detox is not limited to juice cleanse. Actually, I tried the juice detox method and gave up within a couple of hours. In order to function I need solid food! If you're like me and can't stand juice cleanse here are other (healthier) ways to detox your body.
Kick start your metabolism in the morning with ginger and lemon. Lemon naturally detoxifies and helps release toxins from the body, so this is a perfect way to start your day. Note: You can skip the garlic and cayenne pepper if you want a less intense taste.
Many people are intimidated with green smoothies. If you have a good blend of fruit and veggie you'll be surprise by the taste. You can't even tell there's spinach in the smoothie. If you want a slightly sweeter version @MinaShenCooking has really cute tutorial on a green smoothie (made with spinach, papaya, and cantaloupe).
A well-balanced meal is the best way to go to detox your body. Restore your acid-alkaline and sodium-potassium level with this nutrient packed soup. Throw in a side of bread to get some fiber in your meal.
This salad will have you feeling great. Kale, carrots, radishes and a hint of lime juice will get your energy level boosting. A perfect lunch fix!
Drinking water is a way to help detox your liver and hydrate your body. If you think water is too bland try infused water throughout the day. The flavor is amazing and it delivers nutrients that keep your skin glowing!
What's your favorite way to detox?
I need to try this
I tried the ginger recipe....just remember not to over do on the cayanne pepper. I couldn't stop sneezing.
I can't do ginger by itself, but mixed into juices like carrot or orange juice its great!
I'm glad this includes solid foods haha I feel like 'detox' as come to mean 'liquid diet'
I had a kale salad for lunch at work yesterday :)
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