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I decided to do a bonus because of course you cant mention underrated Kpop groups without bringing up one of my favorite groups, (who i just recently found out disbanded :'( why?!?!?!? </3) G.I
they are so awesome and it seems like a lot of people liked them so I don't understand why their label couldn't do more for them. I loved their style and like every song of theirs I heard. I wish all the members luck and hope this wont be the last we hear from them
1. G.I.- Beatles
Yall know how much I love G.I. this song and the dance are so awesome. I love their style and how tough they are but they are still sexy. ugh I'm so upset about what's going on with their group. ugh!!!
2. T- Ara and Davichi- We Were in Love
This is such a beautiful song. It gives me the feels. This is another one where i feel the rap and singing were nicely blended.
3. Got7- I like You
Why why why was there no dance version official MV made for this song????????? WHY??? This is one of my favorite Got7 songs and I love the dance to it.
4. Topp Dogg- Follow Me
I have only recently found out about T O double P, D.O double G, and I really like them!!! Like why have I never heard of them before now? They remind me of BTS, and I like all the songs I've heard so far.
5. Gain- Apple (feat Jay Park)
1) this song needs more Jay Park. 2) this song needs to be longer. 3) this song Needs More Jay Park!! lol I really like this, and the MV puts me in a happy place (maybe its the bright colors and summery feel)
@honeysoo sorry. it still needs more Jay Park lol
@nenegrint14 AGREED!!!!
And what is happening??? First Glam, now this :'(
@MattK95 that's what I heard. and they are suing and are being sued by their label. apparently there are only two members still in G.I my fave oneket is leaving :'( I get sad every time I think about it
Ga-In's song Apple is actually blowing up the Korean charts! Not underappreciated at all hahahah (which is good!)
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