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LA's huge, so if you need a spot to celebrate your nuptials, have you considered Taglyan Cultural Complex? Their website is chock-full of gorgeous pictures.
According to its website, Taglyan Ballroom "is a beaux-art treasure with a 5000-square foot circular stain-glass ceiling and seven tear-drop crystal chandeliers." You won't need to expense your lighting budget because the Taglyan comes fully equipped with everything in that regard. If you're looking for magazine-quality ballroom extravagance, then you can rest assured this is the place, which is no stranger to being photographed and featured in mainstream bridal and news publications.
Im going to check this place out and see it for myself. I noticed that they had a garden section too.
This looks like a las vegas venue. It's bright and pretty
Taglyan has my name on it! This is where Philip and I need get married!!
If I was doing a LIttle Mermaid themed wedding, this would be it!!!!! I think this place is gorgeous. Makes me wonder what it would cost to do something like this for a destination wedding. probably too much money