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In a country where a mere estimated 5% to 25% of people have access to the internet due to high cost, one awesome contemporary Cuban artist named Kcho is doing his part to change that. He's funding free, public Wi-Fi at a community center in Havana, and it's been pretty popular.
The wifi was approved to open the network by the Ministry of Culture, and it comes from his personal internet connection with a speed of 2mbps. He hopes that Cubans can begin to enter the internet age and familiarize themselves with the internet.
It's likely we'll see more and more of this kind of change in Cuba, as the loosening of US sanctions on the country beginning in January go into affect. The Cuban government has made some attempts to get the internet going in Cuba (such as an undersea line from Venezula, and public internet cafes that cost $4.50 an hour), but there are many prohibitions still in place preventing faster service.
Considering the global average for internet speed is 3.9mbps, with the fastest in South Korea being over 30 mbps, let's hope that improves soon!
Wow! I wonder how long until wifi becomes cheaper--it will take quite a bit of structure to be set up first.
Awesome thing of him to do! One of the major ways we can help quickly end the embargo of Cuba and the strict restrictions there is to let people know what they're facing, and the internet can totally do that
@yakwithalan Maybe $900 to $1,000, I'd guess. Pretty steep, but he says he wants to give a little back.
Out of curiosity, how much does this probably cost him a month?