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Everyone asks me for tablescape advice like I am a designer. No my darling. I am not a "tablescape designer." I am an event producer. What that means is, I partner (and hire) designers to make the vision cohesive and come to life.
When it comes to your dream tablescape, you can do pretty much whatever you like. However, there are some cardinal rules you must follow--regardless of the design or theme.
Look at the picture and notice:
* Centerpiece that is both, below 12 inches and above 24 inches. Cascading florals can dip below the 24 inch mark.
* Napkins that are NOT folded into origami. Never leave your theme or design in the hands of a napkin. Keep it simple and on the plate or table.
* Candles should never be scented. Ever!
* Chairs. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but ballroom chairs such as these should be replaced or covered.
* Overlay linen will always elevate the design, though it's not always necessary. Here, it is.
* Varied heights to table elements such as containers and candles.
* NEVER put a mirror on the table. EVER! No mirrors in sight here. Good job!
Just give your ideas to the designers and let them come up with ideas that follow these principles
Candles on a table always make it soft and romantic too
Trust me @nixonwoman, I promise I will never put a mirror on the tables at my wedding. haha ;)