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The Cause
Wrinkles are caused by the loss of collagen in the skin and they can also be caused by loss of structure in the face (muscle loss, fat atrophy, bone loss). As we age, we are prey to a whole host of changes in our body which lead to looser skin, BUT our skin also reveals how we have taken care of it in terms of sun exposure and lifestyle (smoking/drinking).
The Solution
While it's nice to know what's causing our wrinkles, most of these activities are normal. Inhibiting our facial expressions is clearly not a good option, but what should we limit for the sake of our skin? The answer is simple: drop tanning beds, sunbathing, smoking. A preventative anti-aging regimen is also key (think night creams and sunblock)
It's also important to consider other factors that could be causing your wrinkles, like diet and even your phone!
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THis card make me LOL for real. you said, "drop tanning beds..." hysterical
@Heartofgold35 Also drinking a lot of water - moisturize from the inside out!
Glad I do that too flymetothemoon.
I have the worst frown lines. It's why I have bangs, lol.
I read this without my glasses on and then frowned when I realized I was causing wrinkles from squinting, only to frown some more when I realized frowning causes frown lines.