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Guys. GUYYYYSSSS. I am in tears over this video!
Everything about it is perfect: the acting, the directing, the music, the scenery. I'll even give the cosplays a break (I don't like that it's the wrong version of Tidus' outfit, but it still works!)
I really love simple cosplay showcase videos like this one. It'd be amazing if every single cosplayer could take the time to put something like this together! It not only shows off their work, but it also gives them a chance to preserve that look forever. Wouldn't that be nice...oh yes it would....
@somnia You've GOT to see this! The Tidus is super cute XD
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@amog32 That is a fantastic question XD maybe because the style of the designs is part of why FF is so popular with it's fans? It really woulnd't be the same iwth real people.
OH MY GOOOODDDD TIDUS IS SO HOTT!! @vulpix bless you for sharing this. Seriously. Wow. WOW.
relationship goal right here.
@somnia HAHAH omg calm down
@vulpix You mentioned Tidus! How do I do that!