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Before I get hate mail, I just want to say that this wedding reception photo comes VERY CLOSE to being fabulous. If this was a cartoon or a parody, then that would be a different story. But this is a wedding!
Can anyone guess what the problems are? Technically, there's two, but there is really one MAIN no-no that I can see going on here. While you examine the picture, I want you to notice how gorgeous the peonies and garden roses are. That tall centerpiece in the background is also fabulous.
Even though the camera angle is giving forced perspective, you can clearly see that the flowers eat up half the depth of the table. You'd be hard-pressed to fit chargers under those plates without crowding.
An easy solve would have been to create smaller-scale florals in the same design and then space them out. You never want the bride and groom to compete with the flowers on the table. Also, think of all the money you can save by not going nuts on the flowers.
Everything else looks very classy. Needs more color. But i do like it
Even if the picture is warped in some way, you can't deny that they floral arrangements are just way too big for the table.
So the moral of the story is know your dimensions?
None of this looks like a cartoon to me. I see what you are saying @nixonwoman but I wouldn't change a thing.
But if the bride wants what she wants--screw the designers--then what?
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