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Disturbing much? Five containers full of biohazard materials that were not properly disposed were found on a sand bar in the Arkansas River in Oklahoma last week. How does this happen?

Usually, testing facilities and hospitals contract private companies to properly dispose of the materials. These materials are still being tracked back to the source, which is possible because some of the vials and syringes still have patient information on them.
We already have so many things to worry about in our water: chemical contamination, oil contamination, and so many other things. And yet, we still have to worry about this kind of thing happening?! That's disgusting to me.
Thankfully, I think this company will be prosecuted. This was discovered, and will be traced back to the generator (who made it). The ODEQ (Oklahoma's EPA) will deliver a righteous punishment on whoever did it, I hope!

Can't there be some huge fines served or something? This is gross...
@yakwithalan You'll find that many people have the mentality of "If I can't see it, nothing's wrong" and will never make themselves out to be part of the problems the world faces. But we are all part of it!
@amog32 We can only pray that's the case, but if they've done it then chances are someone else has as well. Aren't they concerned at all about endangering others?
Really hoping we never hear anything like this again so we know it's just a one time mistake. Wow.