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I found this cute colored rhinestone hair comb on Etsy but it's no longer available because it's sold out. When I went to the seller's website it seems to be abandoned. I can't tell.
I am hoping that someone in the Weddings Community or Women's Accessories Community would be able to point me in the right direction to find something as close to this as possible. My mom suggested that she and I buy some supplies at Pearl Art Supply and Michael's to make it ourselves. And I might just do that. But for $28, I'd much prefer ordering it and having it mailed to me. I don't want to mess around with supplies as I am not a jewelry designer.
If anyone has suggestions or ideas, please let me know! THANK YOU! <3
I would check out some of those accesory boutiques and see if you can find anything similar you can modify :)
Hey! She has more! I was going to purchase one because I fell in love with it! But I found another!
Don't freak out over the little things like a barrette. There are much bigger things to freak out over like your dress. What dress are you going to get @daniachicago
just get something from JoAnn fabrics and make it even better yourself.
Thanks for the advice. We have Claires at the mall that might have something. I just wanted something that didn't look like I grabbed it from the mall. :/
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