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I am in love with the idea of wearing a net veil for my wedding that doesn't cover my whole face. This is the fastest, most professional amateur video I have found on the subject. At two and a half minutes, this is a project I can see myself creating for myself. If it's super easy, then maybe I will customize them and sell on Etsy too. You never know, right? <3

Christine's DIY Birdcage Tutorial

Russian Tulle
Hair comb
Tape measure
1. Measure the circumference of your head with the tape measure and add four inches.
2. Cut the tulle that length and fold over in half.
3. With the two ends together, cut a triangle.
4. Thread a needle and stitch the tulle together and sinch.
5. Wrap a narrow scrap of tulle around the head comb and stitch in place.
6. Stitch the birdcage to the head comb.
Christine also has a tutorial on how to create the floral fascinator that can be attached to the birdcage also! I am so in love with this cute idea. My mom and I can't stop talking about it. <3
The gold tulle in the second picture is really classy.
Nice tutorial. Easier than I thought.
What an easy tutorial to follow. NICE!
Picture #2 - Stunning!