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Toothpaste Dots for Lightweight Backpacking

If you're trying to shave a few ounces for your pack, look no further! While there are a few different ways to save on weight when it comes to toothpaste (such as baking soda and salt combos), this one is one of my favorite. If nothing else, it's fun to try to put together!

Things you need:

- foil
- non-gel toothpaste (one that is actually a paste, not a gel!)
- time!

How to do it:

1. Squeeze out a tiny dot the size of a chocolate chip onto tin foil.

2. Leave them for about a week. Write the date so you don't forget.
3. Remove the dots. Put them in a small ziploc or pill pouch. Sprinkle in a little baking soda so they don't stick together.

4. When ready to use, toss one in your moth, chew it up a little bit, and then start brushing!

Note that this tip comes from a backpacking site, in other words it's for when you're going someplace where you can't just buy toothpaste (ie. wilderness) and going to be gone longer than a sample/travel sized toothpaste tube can cover.
Backpackers get down to very small differences in weight that wouldn't matter to other travelers because the weight matters when you're carrying it for hours on end!
This is awesome! Nice trick @yakwithalan
Thanks. LOL I've got plenty of other things I can eat rather than dine on toothpaste
@DaniaChicago Well, you can pop em in your mouth and chew them up, but I don't recommend eating them!
I swear I thought these were coconut chips or something like that. Great idea.
Wouldn't these get smashed in your bag? Is it really worth saving the weight to go through this kind of trouble to set it up?
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