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I'm ready to soak in the sun with a pair of flip flops and a cup of pina colada in my hand. Spring break officially started today and I'm planning to hit the beach with these pineapple nails. Join the fun and try it out yourself. Picture tutorial from: Divine Caroline.
1. Paint your nails yellow.
2. Using a thin nail brush draw criss-cross using a brown polish.
3. Using a tooth pick or dotting tool make pineapple dots inside each diamond.
4. Outline the criss cross with a white polish.
5. Using a green polish paint triangles to look like leaves and you're done!
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Hey! This is easier than it looks!
3 years ago·Reply
I'm craving for frozen pineapples after looking at your nails!
3 years ago·Reply
So cute! These are definitely spring/summertime nails. And they look really easy to do!
3 years ago·Reply