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Girls’ Generation to make a Korean comeback in January 2013
Girl’s Generation will be making a Korean comeback in January The girls had been originally scheduled for a comeback in late October. However, these plans were scrapped and they had to push back their comeback date. This will be their first Korean comeback after a long 15 months since “The Boys” was released. The girls had no Korean promotions as a full group in 2012, so fans are looking forward for the January comeback. Girls’ Generation has always garnered good results through a January comeback with hits such as “Gee” (2009) and “Oh!” (2010) both being released in January which attributed greatly to their incredible popularity. With the January comeback, they’re looking forward to another hit next year as well. What kind of concept would you like to see for their Korean comeback? Source: Sports Donga via Nate Via : allkpop
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