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And yes! This is my first introduction about my kpop addiction! :)) I really love kpop and because of that theres a time that I spend 30 minutes online checking some kpop fashion before I decide to what to wear in that day (weird right?) plus I always change my hair color its like twice a month. I really love kpop and making dance cover of their hit song so here's my favorite group. 1. EXO (this is my favorite among the rest I just loved these 12 lovely boys especially Kai and Sehun) 2. Apink (Many people says that I look like Chorong and I dont know if thats true lol. ;)) 3. SNSD (they are awesome!) 4. Gfriend (I love the High school student concept more than sexy concept) 5. F(X) (Its beause I'm inlove with Krystal :)) 6. Redvelvet (Happiness!) 7. 2ne1 (love their sense Of humor plus their crazyness!) 8. Super Junior (my very first bias group) 9. shinee (I love them just like how I love EXO) 10. 4 minute (I really enjoy dancing to their music especially to their new song Crazy!) So here's my introduction I hope you will enjoy reading this! :) P.s I do love kdrama also so if you want to know whats latest just inbox me!! :))
I just noticed I never did an introduction, I just appeared.. Lol. Anyways welcome to the Kpop family :D
@jimberlykemp you are very welcome :)
@MattK95 thankyouuuu!
Clipped to the Kpop Vinglers collection^^ Welcome to the cluuuub~~
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