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Baby Girl: Mom, I'm sorry... Mommy: What are you sorry for? Baby Girl: Mom, I won't drink milk instead of eating my meal (I think, baby talk is hard to decipher >.<) Mommy: And? Baby Girl: And, next time, I will eat properly and not... not... not run around.. Mommy: And also? Baby Girl: And I'll eat properly next time, mommy... Mommy: Can you promise this? Baby Girl: (immediately) Yes... Mommy: If you do this again, what do you think mommy should do? Baby Girl: Uhh.. uh.. if I don't keep my promise, I'll get scolded by mommy again. Mommy: It's not that mommy will scold you, but mommy will not give you food. Baby Girl: (whimpers, and goes under covers) Mommy: Oh, mommy is speaking and you're doing that again... Baby Girl: Ehhh... Mommy: Look at mommy. Baby Girl: Yes... (peeks out) Mommy: What are you going to do next time, if you not eat and run around next time, mommy will not give you food anymore. Baby Girl: Yes... Ne.. Nex... Next time, I will not do that anymore. Baby Girl: (wiping her tears) Mommy, I'm very sorry.
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she's super cute !