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Favorite Australian Musicians
Australia has been a trendsetter in musical innovation as of late. Some of the most distinctive and influential outfits creating music right now are products of the Australian scene. Others are certainly influenced by it.
In the words of Skrillex, "Australia doesn’t get enough credit for being so ahead of the curve in knowing music and having so much great music coming out. There’s a sound that comes out of Australia that influences the world.”
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Tame Impala is a psychedelic rock project spearheaded by Kevin Parker. They have two studio albums, Innerspeaker (2010) and Lonerism (2012).
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Since releasing his self-titled debut album Flume in 2012, Harley Edward Streten has gained global prominence for his laid back and atmospheric electronic tunes.
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Fronted by singer, songwriter and guitarist Nai Palm, Hiatus Kaiyote is a self described "future soul band". They released their debut album Tawk Tomahawk in 2013 and are in the process of releasing their second album By Fire soon.
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Tame Impala is awesome! I love Cut Copy and The Presets too if I had to name other Aussies I'm into. I think they're all labelmates?
Tame Impala is a great band! Seen them twice in two weeks this year. Pond is worth a listen, Nick and Jay's side project.