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We all have those days where we roll out of bed (after hitting the snooze button too many times), rush into the closet and have no idea to wear. How long do you usually spend coordinating your outfit? 10 minutes? 20 minutes? Things would be easier if you could just throw on a t-shirt and run out the door - right? Well, you're in luck! You can actually do that with a t-shirt dress.
Pairing a t-shirt dress with your favorite kicks is a chic and foolproof way to look put together under five minutes. You also have endless options to adapt it to your personal style. Need inspiration? Look below for three outfit ideas I put together!


Products: Dress, Sandals, Tote, Coat


Products: Dress, Flats, Bag, Jacket


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@NixonWoman Thanks for your kind words! @DaniaChicago We have the same taste in fashion. When I'm off-duty style #2 is my go-to.
First outfit but with heels!
Look at that work in progress! It looks so gorgeous! I wish I was a bit taller to pull it off with sandals though :(
I'm totally late to this, but I just need to say that second look is so me. I've already gone through, like, two pairs of cheetah flats lol.
I love the first one!