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Loose tossled braids like this are romantic and refreshing for Spring through the Fall.
Effortless on-the-go braids like these may lack mainstream polish. But they look runway flawless, which is even better!
More manicured and fancy, these braids are a terrific alternative to evening updos.
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Blake always have an effortless and cute hairstyle
Agreed @chelseaHeyes So true! my braids never look this effortless though. lol
So romantic these braids are.
@DaniaChicago @ChelseaHeyes The moment I saw Blake on this card, I was like "OF COURSE, BLAKE. KEEP LOOKING FLAWLESS, BLAKE." and then went to go find some hard liquor to drink.
hahaah what hard liquor did you wallow in? I don't usually drink a lot and nothing strong.