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If you're looking for something a bit more rustic or outside the ballroom template, do not be shocked if you notice your budget contort in certain areas. For instance, renting farmhouse tables and benches will increase dramatically. However, you can temper that by reducing things like flowers. a pale of dhalias, mums, baby's breath and ruscus can significantly shrink your floral budget, thus accommodating the need for farmhouse tables.
In the case of this picture, we can see that the chandeliers and hanging foliage are the main star here. Since this is the case, use your decor budget to pay for them. An outdoor wedding reception won't need much decor to begin with. Scale back on the tablescape too. Keep it simple and always remember to keep things in proportion.
What questions do you have about achieving your tablescape dream?
Stunning visual. Love to relax under this canopy treatment.
I think some people might be tempted to do bigger chandeliers, but fewer of them to save money. should be noted that it's a slippery slope as you mention @nixonwoman because it can turn into a proportion problem and look really bad.