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So I know im going full kook, but how do you start going faster? Yeah, i know how to physically, boards are meant to go fast. But, im having some mental blocks. I get way sketched out when i start accelerating. Fast acceleration spooks me, and once i get near 30 i just slide to a stop. I know this is so dumb to ask, but how? Can some of the pros on here give some tips about handling speed and how to get up there? Thanks guys(:
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Tfw can't help because I'm only intermediate
if you aren't wobbling then use that to build confidence to go faster on
You probably have the wrong deck, but just get some hype music and find a big ass hill. Eventually youll eat massive shit, maybe even twice. Then if youre about the speed and bombing life youll get the right deck and gear.
each time you slide at a certain speed slide at that speed 10 times then take the speed up 2.5 mph more you will learn very quickly doing this
Thanks guys, these comments actually really help