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So I know im going full kook, but how do you start going faster? Yeah, i know how to physically, boards are meant to go fast. But, im having some mental blocks. I get way sketched out when i start accelerating. Fast acceleration spooks me, and once i get near 30 i just slide to a stop. I know this is so dumb to ask, but how? Can some of the pros on here give some tips about handling speed and how to get up there? Thanks guys(:
It was a bit hard to overcome that fear of going faster for me, but what I did was, every time I got comfortable with a certain speed I would try going just a tad bit faster, once you get comfortable with going a little faster take it up a little bit more and get comfortable with a speed that's just a little faster than before and just keep doing that. Just keep uping the speed a little once you are comfortable with the speed you're at. It's just trying to overcome your comfort zone.. Or at least expanding it:P try not to think about falling or anything that might go wrong, think about everything going right and just focus on what's ahead, I like to listen to music that keeps me calm when I'm riding so I don't overthink things
You probably have the wrong deck, but just get some hype music and find a big ass hill. Eventually youll eat massive shit, maybe even twice. Then if youre about the speed and bombing life youll get the right deck and gear.
Thanks guys, these comments actually really help
each time you slide at a certain speed slide at that speed 10 times then take the speed up 2.5 mph more you will learn very quickly doing this
You can try making your set up more stable so that besides feeling the faster wind, you'll feel more stable at speed. Because some setups have a speed limit on them, whether its caused by a flexy board that gets kooky at speed, or high angle trucks that get kooky at speed, or low duro bushing's that get kooky at speed no matter how much you tighten them. So try lower angle trucks maybe, or harder bushings, or wider hangers(they make hookup on slides smoother so they'll feel less sketch at greater speeds), maybe try trucks with a bit of rake. Rake's a good thing for preventing speed wobbles. But also, sometimes just looking at a steep-ass hill can physch you out. And this is limited to where you live and can travel too but a nice long hill that's not so steep, where you can slowly accelerate to higher speeds might be more comfortable to you than a hill that gets you going 0-60 in 3.5 seconds lol
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