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Just came across a Beyonce-inspired eye makeup tutorial by Dressed in Mint. The blue and purple color combination caught my attention. I think the colors are perfect for a spring/summer beach day look, especially if you pair it with a white eyelet dress!
1. At the center of the eyelid brush on a turquoise shadow.
2. Use a blue shadow on the outer corner of the lids.
3. Blend a pink-purple shade on the crease.
4. Using a blending brush smooth out crease to create a subtle smokey effect.
5 Using the same brush blend the lower lash line. For a gradient effect, blend turquoise at the inner corner.
6. Apply mascara to upper and lower lashes.
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The gradient effect here is like art!
Beside the eye makeup I adore her waved bob hair.
I didn't like the music video but her makeup is gorgeous.
I agree, @AvocadoLove! The gradient effect is amazing.