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This is the kind of news that cracks me up every time I see it.
Residents in a neighborhood in Charlotte are upset because their neighbor, for the past 10 years, has been walking around his house naked. Sometimes, he stands at the door naked, too, where he is visible to others.
The neighbors have filed reports many time, but this is the first time that anything bigger has come of it. Still, police say that he cannot be charged with anything because he is on his own property, and it's not illegal to be able to be seen naked from public property if you are on your own private property.
Who cares if he's naked on his own property? It's everyone's own right to be naked. It's not like he's sexually imposing himself on others. It's not like he's only doing it when kids or certain people are around. He's just being naked at home.
Some people worry about children in this case, but what would that cause?
Kid: Mom, whats' that?
Mom: Oh, well, that is a penis.
Kid: Huh?
Mom: All boys have those. Let's go, honey.
Kid: Ok, where are we going?
The end! It's over! If you don't make it a big deal, and it's simply exposure, then they won't either. The end.
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@drwhat There's dangers to thinking "nothing can phase them" too, though. There have been loads of studies done on how small things can have long term effect on your psyche from childhood.
What even are the laws on this? Do they differ in every state, county, etc.?
@amog32 I just think people are way too sensitive about "protecting the children." Kids won't even realize that this behavior is weird to their parents unless their parents make it a big deal. Teach them to be understanding of strangeness in the world and they'll be a lot better off in the long run. You can't hide them from everything.
This is a tough one. How can they know if he's doing it for sexual attention or not? I can understand why parents are concerned, but if it's been going on for 10+ years and come to no problem or fruition, then I don't see the big deal, either.