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Why would you ever want to bring one of these guys into your home!?

1. They don't get along with other dogs

2. They'll rip your belongings apart

3. They aren't people-friendly

4. They can't be around kids

5. They aren't even cute

6. Like, not at all!

7. They won't be goofy like other dogs

8. You just can't love a pit bull!

Not even a little bit...

@PaulMatuszynski I am sure you see a lot of horrible things in an ER. But really when it comes to pets it is truly generally the owners and how they treat their pets either bad and cruel or great and loving that can create a vicious dog. I don't feel a Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Chows, whatever type are generally bad vicious dogs even if they were originally created for protection. I feel like all people that are born and then become criminals or addicts or murderers it is all part of their circumstances not how they were born and their brains just said be a robber. Circumstances create those things in people. Just as pets who are mistreated, tied outside at the stake in all weather, left without food or water, beaten, trained by their owners to bite and fight, then can create a pet that will defend itself and will do whatever it takes to survive. Just as people will do whatever it takes to survive. Mind you I am not saying that a vicious pet is one that should be owned by just anyone being an animal advocate. I empathize with anyone who had been traumatized by animals as I know having been attacked twice in my life and had to go to the ER it is not pleasant and during the attack it is very very scary. However, in my instances it was the owners who let their pets run free and came into my own backyard and attacked me. I blame strictly the owners not the poor dog who did these things.
@sjeanyoon, I was on the verge of a moment of "Oh hell no!" (only for a split second.) This card is cute but more than that--a good lesson that dog breeds are not evil, people are. PREACH!
Ok for a second I only saw the title and got really angry...
8 years ago I told my parents I bought a Pitt bull puppy and would be bring her home when she was old enough. My parents flipped out and threatened to kick me out bc they only heard bad things about them. I brought her home anyway and from day one my parents fell in love with her and she has changed my entire family's perspective on pit bulls. hands down she is one of the best dogs my family has ever owned. My brother ended up getting a Pitt 2 years ago and she also is an amazing sweetheart. I moved out and my parents wouldn't let me bring my dog with me bc they love her too much and didn't want to separate her from our other dogs bc they thought she would become lonely without the other dogs and cats. Broke my heart to leave her but I knew my parents where right and didn't want to see my dog sad and alone. I love going over to my parents house to see my baby girl and get showered with hugs and kisses, her way of letting me know how much she misses me. <3
I got my Pit bull/Doberman mix from a very abusive home. He was beaten, starved, left on a choker chain, and put in a shock collar just because he was a bit vocal. When I finally did get him it took three baths just to get the dirt out of his fur and then we realized he was blind. After all of that one would think he would have turned out vicious or mean but instead he is the most loveable and faithful companion a girl could ever ask for. He's goofy as all get out and I love him with all my heart and I am blessed to have been able to rescue him. He may be blind but my baby is worth his weight in gold.
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