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I'm pretty confused by this? I mean, we've all seen it happen (or had it happen to us). Of course, it's great to think "Wow, I look hot in this cosplay." And it's great when you know other people find you attractive, too.
What wouldn't be great, though, is if something like this were to happen. Like, "yes, I am a girl wearing a bikini/short skirt/tight outfit/whatever. And sure, that means I'm drawing some attention to myself. That doesn't give you permission to take sleezy pics of my chest. Do I run up to every hot shirtless guy at a con and take photos of only his abs? I don't think so."
Thankfully, I have never had anything like this happen.
What I read is that this happened within cosplay culture in Japan, where it's common for attractive models to be sponsored by the company producing the latest game/anime and dressed more provocatively. She's getting paid really well to be on display like this.
But seriously. So glad that even if there are a lot of female cosplays/characters that simply dress really provocatively, I'm really, really glad the the majority of cosplay culture in the US has managed to avoid this kind of forward sleaziness!
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Agree with @Spudsy2061 That there's still a lot to be done. I have seen my fair share of dudes only come to cons to seek hot girls. And, beyond the actual cosplay/convention world, the characters that females have to choose from to cosplay still faces a lot of issues with female character design in animes & video games, though I believe that is changing, too.
@Spudsy2061 Exactly. it'll likely be some time before the character design issue fully changes. I'm not saying get rid of the more exposed female designs, just have them for the right reasons and not just for guys/girls to enjoy looking at it, you know? But that's a whole different issue of both the anime & video game world, I think.
@somnia True and for the most part it's pretty positive but I think it's a lot deeper than this. Conventions might hesitate to straight up throw offenders out, and it's hard to chase them down if you were say, the one offended because if you don't know anyone who witnessed it, the crowd could take on this "don't snitch" attitude. Still I feel like 99% of the community doesn't act like this, it's just trying to thin out that 1%. The other point too in trying to stamp it out is character design. I understand some characters outfits and what not but I think there's not enough in terms of characters designed by females for example. Obviously there are exceptions to everything but character designs do not tend to overall contribute to the cause of eradicating this problem.
@Spudsy2061 People do totally think they're like "outside" normal law and moral code at huge group events, I'll give you that. But I feel like the convention culture is full of people who are so aware of these issues bc of online culture....can't believe they haven't stopped it yet.
IDK i think regardless of the situation it should be about her chest it should be about her overall look -_- even if its that her overall look is hot. This just looks uncomfortable! If I saw this in person I'd definitely have said something
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