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Ombré has been a growing trend and it will continue to be hot this year but another hair coloring technique is taking the spotlight this year, Sombré. If you're confused by the term you're not alone. I had to research the difference and browse through hundreds of picture on the web to evaluate the difference. Just in case you're wondering what is the difference between ombré, sombré, and balayage I did the homework for you! Below is a simple guide to help you understand the three hair coloring trend.


A vivid shift from dark to light hair.


(subtle + ombré) A coloring technique that allows for a softer, more natural diffusion.


A freehand technique where the hair color is applied by hand sweeping for a more natural effect.
Which hair coloring trend is your favorite?
my stylist did "bayalage" last time I had my hair done. I love it.
I never knew balyage was a different style.... thats what ive always wanted..
@trishperkins Thanks for getting back to me! It actually took 2 hours for me because I also got a hair cut. Overall, I really like the result! :)
@madeleine, I just saw your comment. it took about 11/2 hours. she used Olaplex during the coloring and lightning process and that takes longer for the color to lift. it was definentely with it though.
Anything but ombre for me. Just too extreme for me :(
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