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So, how do you get over a breakup? AskTheFeels is quickly becoming one of my favorite groups of youtube love vloggers, and this video definitely cracks me up, too!
My advice for this guy is kind of different than theirs, though! Just be upfront about it! For me, half the time, I think I know what I want and have a list of "qualities" I expect, but then the people I find that work out are totally different. So, you just have to give it a go! Seriously. If you aren't going to just be confident and trust that HEY! this is me, and I'm worthy of dating, then why would anyone take the time to date you? I surely don't know the answer.
Let them know straight up. That's what will get people to be able to date after a breakup :) So be confident, and get out there! The worst thing that can happen is that the date isn't awesome. And then you know what you do? Take a break before trying again!
@onesmile Yeah exactly!!
Yes right on!!! I loveeeee the idea of someone just being straight with me. It gets tiring always playing games, you know? Don't play them with me, and I won't treat you that way, either.