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Friends' ex-boyfriends are just, like, totally off limits! ... Right? Or wrong? Is this Mean Girls, "rule of feminism" really a legit rule that all girls' should follow? (Just like all guys might be expected to act the same)? Or are there times when dating a friends ex is no biggie, and actually kind of great?
My friend is going through a rough time, as she's attracted to one of her friends' exes after running into him a few months later, and she doesn't know what to do!!
These two say that NO WAY, absolutely NOT. But I think I disagree. Hear me out: It totally depends on the situation! If your friend dated them for 3 years, and the break up was messy, don't get involved there. Seriously!! Just don't do it. If they were a short fling that just didn't click, you may still have a chance.
So, what do you guys think? Yay or nay?
@redridergirl OMG well said!!!! Man, I wish I had as much conviction in this as you do. It seems like you've really learned how to judge people :)
While some people may have this concern, it has absolutely nothing to do with feminism.
@redridergirl You are awesome! Don't Play with Fire so you won't get burned: I love this advice more than you know!
@redridergirl We must be on the same vibration because I just wrote a card about Wiz Khalifia's song in reference to Paul Walker. I've got chills.
I think Wiz Khalifa's new song "See You Again" if you listen and read the words pretty much sums up and supports what some of us are saying! Family friends first just the code dudes and dudettes. No matter how long or short a time. If you can't trust em bust em. Because who's got your back? Only true family and friends. That is who we all hope and want in our lives. Quality people of all economic and social levels and diversities ages experiences but the ones we can entrust our lives to no matter what and they become our extended family...and people that love you don't want to hurt you or ever see you hurt so they would not be selfish or fathom crossing any lines. But hey everyone had their own life to live and I wish everyone nothing but the best! But when or if it happens to you and that twinge of pain hurts your heart if even for a second only don't say some of us didn't say it wouldn't. Because it will hurt like hell I don't care what you think you are saying now it is going to sting and burn when you have loved someone so don't get caught in the fire and let that door smack your ass as they say because it will. Remember what we all learn in elementary school I hope? How old am I? Do they teach this any more? Drop and Roll! Get out of the fire to avoid being burned! And we all know not to play with Matches right? Yeah, except who? Yes the one who is going to burn the place down! See what I am saying? And that isn't my friend! Is it yours? Did you let them cross the line there too? Um, see no I don't. See how the puzzle works in life! Just say No! Love, Peace and Soul Yall! I am done on this subject! Take care!
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