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My oh my, what a little vinegar can do to make your life so much easier to live!
In this video you will learn how vinegar can:
1. Unclog drains
2. Remove adhesive goo
3. Remove foul odors from trash can
4. Replace all your cleaning products
5. Kill fruit flies
6. Remove wrinkles from clothing
7. Create kitty-free zones - no more clawing
8. Keep flowers living longer
9. Get glasses crystal clear
10. Remove stubborn stains from cookwear
I've used the fruit fly trick before. Works wonders. Gotta try the soaking bread in the trash bin.
Vinegar is really good at killing mildew smell out of clothes. I had some stuff in storage once that had that problem!
Nothing is worse than mildew. I can't handle that smell. @beywatch