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I remember trying to make Play-doh as a kid without much success. Watching my twin cousins got me thinking about revisiting this DIY and here you have it! With just five ingredients and NO BAKING, you can create fun Play-doh to keep you and your kids creative for hours! It's super easy too!
4 cups of flour

1 1/2 cups salt
2 tbsp oil
1 cup water
food coloring
1. Combine the first four ingredients. Do not add food coloring!
2. Wearing gloves, knead dough into one solid state.
3. Separate the dough into equal size parts, enough for each color desired.
4. Add a couple drops of food color to each dough section.
5. Wearing gloves, knead each dough part until the color is well incorporated.
Now, you have non-toxic, totally edible and outrageously fun Play-doh. Have fun!

@DaniaChicago It was the gateway to my dark and tortured relationship with carbs.
OMG! Carbs!?! I just wrote a card referencing my carb addiction. I didn't post it yet @beywatch.
I remember eating it, but I don't remember liking it. LOL
No wonder Play-Doh was so delicious to me as a child.
This looks like a lot of fun.