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I know that we will definitely miss this drama. The last episode, literally Mr. Nice Guy left with a smile... I know upon seeing the changed look from the face of Maru at the intro portion show a bright ending for every one. I like how they showed great moral values in the drama to name a few, always doing what is right, respect for your relatives, forgiveness, repentance, etc,... the list just goes on. It wouldn't be a surprise that the show will win best drama and its actors to win an award. The plot of the story just made every viewers hooked and wanting more after each episode. What made the story and the character come to life are the superb acting. Here's a start of a Song Joong ki's career picking up... in one of his star date interviews he mentioned that he wanted his popularity to increase, well your big break is now a reality Song Jong Ki. Together with his latest movie and this drama his career skyrocketed! Anyway, I will definitely miss this drama and it will remain in my top lists of Kdramas to watch.
ma ru ... love u
I'll miss Maru. T.T
it indeed was a different drama. i feared that revenge would end in pain but it didn't ..they taught us something better.that in life we should find something better than revenge and protect it against all the tides.. that's love