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What happens when one you love is dying
What happens when those you love are dying.
As I sit with her
and stroke her head,
even though there's
so much left unsaid;
you can feel, see and touch it;
that celestial retrofit.
Something wonderful it seems,
rides these radiant moonbeams.
While she is dying,
her most beautiful parts,
are fast amplifying,
and attaching our hearts.
A transfer is made
of all her attributes.
The heavens are grayed,
as god redistributes.
I’ve discovered how it works.
She will not really die;
all the love and all the quirks,
lives in my eternal ‘I’.
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Even when something beloved, be it a pet or a person, passes on from us, we have those memories and moments. You express those beautifully
We're never really left behind, not really. Not alone, anyways. We always have that spirit and those memories :)