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Lee Min Ho live in Araneta!
I was hoping that he would sing. But no. :( Still, hearing his voice live, is a dream come true. Right? :">
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Me naman , I was hoping he'll dance. But hearing him said " mahal Ko kayo " twice , aaww! And also with so manly voice " together, one , two , three " , so cute!!!
Gaaaah! :"""> Haha! But seeing him and hearing him say "aaaaaah & mahal ko kayo" is more than enough. WHoooooo. :) Another dream come true. :) Haha. Hopefully next time, he'll dance just like what he did while singing "Say yes" Whoaaa :"""> I surely wish he will come back. <3
That's what I'm looking forward to, but I think he misinterpreted the laughing n giggling of fans kaya he feels so ashame.
Yeah. Probably. :(( Haays. Hopefully he gain again the courage to dance again on stage. :DD