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Yes. Maybe that's why the fan meeting ended early. :))
5 years ago·Reply
I think fans meeting are always like, if the artist knows how to sing or dance. They'll make couple of performance then there's always q's n a's and some games.
5 years ago·Reply
Haha. Well, Lee Min Ho knows how to sing... Haays. Maybe next time, when he comes back. lol :D Because in his fan meetings with the Minoz at Japan, Beijing etc; he sings. :(
5 years ago·Reply
I know he does. Hopefully he'll come back do just that. Keep our fingers cross or should I say let's patronize bench forever so that our dreams might comes true once again. : )
5 years ago·Reply
Haha! Prayer works. I'll probably ask for that when I blow my birthday candle. Lol :DD
5 years ago·Reply