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With many of my friends becoming single again I've noticed some are looking to jump back into a relationship. While it's been a while for myself I remember how it was to have to keep in contact with your SO (significant other). Looking back you realize it's time consuming! You have to check in on each other talk about your days and if you find free time you'll probably spend it with them. This isn't bad obviously since he/she is probably an awesome person. When you don't have that you feel free to go anywhere you want, with whoever you want, without needing to worry about someone else. The feeling is liberating and lets you be your own person. Just these past two weeks I've gone snowboarding, bowling, traveled out of state, went to bars, danced, took a salsa class, and baked churros all on a minutes notice. Some people wonder how I have the time and it's because I'm on my own time. Being single is awesome :)
Being single IS awesome! Well, until you're the third wheel when you're hanging out with your friends. Then it's stupid.
Totally agree with you on this! I'm open to love, when I find it, but I'm enjoying being single while I am :)
Needed to hear this. Thanks(:
Glad to hear someone enjoyed :)