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'The Shadow Selfie or... The Shadie! I've been doing Selfies since... well, probably b4 most of you were born. I did it the hard way, as there was only one lens on digital cameras. Do you remember when iPhoto came out? Yeah? I was doing "selfies" about 2 years previous. I felt a little slighted that I had never coins a phrase for it once it became popular. So now I introduce to you- The Shadow Selfie漏- in longboard form.
hey that works man you should IG it lol hashtags and all start an IG page called Shadies, make a friggin meme lol.
I came up with a better term: 'shadies'
That's not a bad idea, lizardo. I'll have to see if I've still got some Stiickr paper...
yeah they are quite toonish that second one could make a sick sticker
My legs ain't toothpicks fer sure. It's just that I'm wearing compression pants and it's at sunrise. I liked the cartoony aspect of these
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