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Hey guys! So I love boarding with all my life. But, it wont pay for a family. College will. So, I need to make some money for applications. I am super confident i will get scholarships for my musical abilities, but i first need the money to apply for them. I will have the money to buy a new board soon, but not soon enough to pay for the college applications. So, i am selling my complete. Was planning on selling just the deck, but need as much money as quick as possible right now. Great condition. Light wear. Comes with all hardware, bones reds bearings, slightly used orangatang stimulus, cosmetic damage on trucks but only cosmetic, and deck with new grip in the tuck positions. For a review of the deck, check on my page, a few cards back. Thanks guys(: i am posting it here first for you guys since we are so tight, but will be putting it on ebay if ive got no biters. Starting price is $220 (which is a solid deal, but will negotiate).
if no one buys it by the end of the month, I will. how much?
dude. I might have the money for it Tuesday
put it on the USA longboard buy sell trade