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"After all is said and done, did you even barely accomplish anything? You did not conquer an empire, nor you set your foot on the moon or even discovered a new medicine. But you danced, and you were happy. Maybe you just opened a small crack to another universe and kept it open for a while. Maybe you just gave few people some happy moments. Maybe 20 years from now a husband will remind his wife how they first met when they both went to see Martha Graham in the Y center, and they will smile..." Jeanette Ordman died in 2007 and every one said that it was from a broken heart. Through the Irony of faith, her death was announced during a dance competition reality show. Iddo Tadmor, one of her most outstanding students was in the judges panel and spoke of her, saying "There would not be Iddo Tadmor, without Jeannette Ordman". And then the show went on. The show must always go on. But not all was lost. In 1973, Jeanette established with the help of one of her friends, a branch of Bat Dor in the southern city of Beer Sheva. This branch still operates to this date and carries forward the values of its founder. For me, the story of Jeannette, Bat Sheva and Martha, is a story about the kind of leadership that is seldom recognized as such. A leadership based on the courage to show the way while not forgetting simple human truths, and values such as honesty, hard work, determination and patience. I try to practice as much of their lessons as I can, in my non-dancer realm. Except perhaps for one thing: Unlike Jeanette's grandmother - My own great-great grandmother, I think we should cross the paper bridge anyway. ---- curtain ----
What a big piece of news!!! I truly, really enjoyed this piece @orenshani7 so I wanted to thank you for sharing it all. I just caught up on all the piecesI hadn't read yet. Really great.
Wow! What a conclusion. I certainly wasn't expecting you to be related to Jeanette, though I did wonder when the connection to you that you hinted at would come along. Thank you for sharing this story with us!