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By now you probably heard "drink eight glasses of water a day" too many times. Eight glasses (or 2.2 liters) always seems out of reach to me. No matter how hard I tried I end up drinking about a cup or two in a day. Honestly, I've never been fond of drinking water (it's too bland and it makes my stomach feel funny.
Due to the lack of water, I've been struggling with dehydration. As a result, I have suffered a number of problems: bad headaches, occasional breakouts, fatigue, dull-looking skin, and dark circles. So what changed my condition? You guessed it: water. My mom started convincing me to drink more water. Trust me it was difficult in the beginning.
However, I came up with a routine that put me in the habit of drinking water. Morning: A warm cup of water with lemon and honey. (1 down)

Afternoon: A cup of water right before lunch and after lunch. (2 down)
Evening: A cup of tea after dinner and a cup of water before I sleep. (2 down)

Total: 5 cups

5/8 (63%)! At least, it's a passing grade! After several months, I notice my skin condition and other struggles improved significantly - dark circles diminished, little to no breakouts, and definitely didn't look or feel as tired as before!

If you struggle with the same problem, chances are you're lacking h2O! Therefore, even if you use the most expensive skincare product your skin will still look dull if you don't take care of the essential - replenishing your internal system.
Can't stand bland water? There are many infused water recipes you can try!
Tip: Try to avoid sugary drinks and fizzy drinks!
I need to start making logs like this of how much water I drink. Let's do this!
Coconut water and aloe drink are also good alternative to bland water!
I am a water person, soda makes me feel sick, but I have had dark circles under my eyes since middle school and not sure what to do about it. I always drink water....
I recently came across a blog where this woman showed a before and after from adding 3 liters of water in her diet. Her complexion definitely improve by staying hydrated.
@beywatch I'm motivated by your determination.
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