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I'm just kidding I'd never skate it this, it isn't rated at all and its meant as a toy, also I think it may hold value as a collector's item. Although maybe if I was fried or at a hill jam event. That'd be kooky. Second pic is just my board, shame to watch it sit! I'm on spring break but I only get about 30 minutes a day for a skate break because I'm working on my Eagle Project for boyscouts. Its a hard time having your skate life regimented, fuck the system
Boyscouts is worth it bro, ha dont hate it too much
aero af
Maryhill approved !
and I also got lucky and didn't have to fundraise for mine the elementary school paid for it
hey good luck on your project I'm a former elite scout and the project was the only thing that had me worried. I also know how you feel about nut being able to board I've been there
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