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dude.. move on!! i don't like my man having any lingering feelings for some married ajhumma!
first love? just search the dictionary about that, @nea I guess.. >:D
@yourinsomnia i agree..what is first love? i haven't had a boyfriend but would it be the first guy had crush on or the one i had the worst crush on? lol @jenny wow..competitor for love means bitch mode on.. @reyam love advices !! i'm rather a person who says put yourself first!
that's crazy, i really wonder what is first love though. how can people so clearly define it? is it your first crush? (mine was when I was 8 years old...) is it your first boyfriend (my first bf was when I was 13) it the boyfriend that you really really love (i met him when I was 16)...Out of all those people only the last one is memorable to me, but I don't even know if that's considered first love.
I also don't lnow how long my joong ki craze will last T^T.. I wish he'll be acting soon. My sister had a competitor against her crush and I told her that first love doesn't mean the first person. lol
@neaa cool so now you are vingle love adviser hahahahaha yep i know i am too young hahahahaha
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