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Face masks are powerful things, but only if used correctly. Do you know what ingredients you should be using to get all the benefits of your DIY face mask?

Your Problem is: Acne

You Should Use: Honey!
It tones and softens your skin while healing any acne (scars included) on your face. Pair this with lemon in order to get a bright, clear complexion.
Try these:

Your Problem is: Dry Skin

You Should Use: Avocado!
Avocado contains good fats and oils that will restore any lost moisture in your skin. These masks could cause oily skin to get more oily so be sure to only use this if your problem truly is dry skin.
Try these:

Your Problem is: Oily Skin

You Should Use: Oatmeal!
Oatmeal has wonderful calming effects, and rather than drying your skin out, it absorbs the oil while still moisturizing! Use this for redness too!
Try these:
I use a honey scrub, and I absolutely love it. I use it every time I'm in the shower, and it's really helped to clear up my skin!
That honey oatmeal mask has my name and this weekend written all over it!
@chelseaHeyes What happened to your profile pic? Take it down? or Is my computer acting up? I like these. I remember buying St. Ive's and using those walnut products paired with Avon's toner. But I have to say, I never stuck to it. I have been fortunate to have good skin and merely a blemish once in a while.
I have sensitive skin on certain products so oatmeal for me!
whyyyyyyy???? beauty
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